Health and Fitness


IMG_0834Our students here at The Beaches School are privileged enough to work with personal trainers starting in kindergarten and continue on through the ninth grade. The personal trainers from Jump4Kids., come workout with our children three times a week. The trainer also works with them  on how to keep track of what foods they eat by keeping a daily food journal and the nutritional value of what they are eating. They will also learn several workout routines throughout the year that will benefit them for the rest of their life’s. For more information on Jump4Kids please visit their website at

 10984086_604434699657729_4444588822238300938_nStudent Program

The Beaches School is our first school we installed our personal training program into. We have been training our students here for five years now and the results speak for themselves. We design the program to teach the students about personal training as we would in the gym environment on a one on one basis. We teach the students about weight training and agility training as well as proper nutrition. The middle school students use dumbbells and medicine balls as well as sleds, ropes, and boxes to exercise. Lower school students do the exercises such as push ups, planks, squats, bur-pees and sprints. They enjoy the exercise and the running as they get in shape and grow as little individuals. The health and fitness they learn will come into their lives in the future to be healthy adults.


Shannon Miller

shannon miller
The Shannon Miller Foundation is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity by offering children the opportunity to be physically active, and gain greater nutritional knowledge.

The Beaches School trains every year for the Shannon Miller Run. In January we will begin to train as an entire school we will need parent participation to volunteer their time to help the children train. Shannon Miller was a sixteen time Olympic gold medalist that was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought the battle and decided to help her community by starting a organization to help stop child obesity. You can read all about Shannon and her achievements and lifestyle changes.



My P.T Room


Enjoying Yoga Time

DSCF1901 DSCF1931

We now have a P.T (personal training) room for our youngest students here at the Beaches School. The V.P.K children will be using the PT room for numerous of instructor led activities. Activities include everything from walking at a safe pace on a treadmill, to balancing on the balance beam. On Friday’s V.P.K students will have an instructor led Personal Training class in lieu of their playground time. They will be doing things that are age appropriate such as jumping-jacks, stretches, hop-scotch, squats, along with many other fun games like duck duck goose, Simon says workout addition, and dancing.

While in this room the children will not only learn about physical activity and work to become physically healthy but they will also learn about healthy eating habits as well. They will learn good food from bad food, good sugars verse bad sugars etc.

What the Heart Rate Should Be

Your child’s heart rate is dependent upon her age. A child of 3 or 4 should have an exercising heart rate of around 137 beats per minute. By 5 to 7 years old, the heart rate drops to just 133 beats per minute. From 8 to 11, it is even lower, 130 beats per minute. Finally, in adolescence, the exercising heart rate is significantly lower. A 12- to 15-year-old only needs to get her heart rate to 115 beats per minute when exercising.

Each month we will be discussing new topics and will be sharing with the parent’s advice and tips to help them guide their children to become healthy and active from an early age.

Regular physical activity helps kids and teens:

  • with healthy growth and development
  • build strong bones and muscles
  • improve balance and develop skills
  • maintain and develop flexibility
  • achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • reduce stress and feel more relaxed
  • improve posture
  • boost confidence and self-esteem
  • have fun with their friends and make new ones


PE UNIFORMS (5th-9th grade students only)

Students in grades 5th-9th grade will be required to purchase a PE uniform at the beginning of the school year that is mandatory to wear to PE class and will affect their grade. PE uniforms maybe be purchased at RC uniform and are available as a Shirt/short set or individual items. Children may also wear navy blue shorts with a grey shirt, but no other deviations from the uniform policy are allowed.

All middle school students enrolled in physical education classes will dress appropriate and participate in the activities,unless they have a medical excuse. Excuses for a day’s absence will be honored with a note from the parent, but if more than three days are missed, a doctor’s excuse will be required.