K-9th Grade Program




At The Beaches School, the elementary and middle school curriculum use the state standards and state adopted textbooks as a guideline. Standardized testing is used as one measure of promotional criteria. The CTBS (Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills) is administered in grades 2nd – 5th and the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) is administered in the middle school. Other promotional criterion consists of report card grades and teacher judgment. From the moment you walk through the door you get the feeling of a friendly atmosphere that has your child’s best interest at heart. At The Beaches School, we want you to know that your child matters.

Children thrive in a school that focuses attention on their individual needs. Small class sizes, of ten to fifteen students, allows teachers to customize their teaching strategies to better meet the needs of all students. Students are encouraged to advance through the curriculum as they are ready.

That means that we adjust the curriculum to meet the needs of the child.

A tour of The Beaches School would reveal many students working at various levels within a classroom, a literature-rich environment, a hands-on approach to learning, an emphasis on the arts, mathematics and science, and a technology lab with the latest digital programs and instruction.

A happy school environment is important in the social and emotional development of children. Children who love coming to school have less stress and achieve more during their day. A small private school setting provides children opportunities to develop close personal relationships with other students as well as with staff. It also promotes more opportunities for leadership and classroom participation.

We feel that physical growth and development plays an integral part in a child’s education. A daily recess and fitness program is offered to achieve a healthy lifestyle. After school athletic programs including cheerleading are available to upper elementary students according to the child’s interests and abilities.

The Beaches School recognizes that students enter middle school with a wide range of academic talents, interests and personalities.

It is important to recognize the middle school as a bridge to high school. We work with students in all areas of their development. A firm social, emotional, physical and academic foundation is necessary to produce a happy, productive high school student.

Our academic program is designed to get students excited about learning. The Beaches School offers an in-depth academic program that broadens and builds on a student’s knowledge base and challenges critical thinking skills. The academics are rigorous and the expectations are high, yet learning is easy when information is presented in a way that is real and involves the student in the learning process.
Small class sizes allow teachers to individualize instruction. We find that many of our students are able to work through state standards at an accelerated pace. Our focus is to exceed state standards and challenge each student to reach their full potential.


Students attend daily technology classes where they learn programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Instruction is given in basic operation skills, researching, data analysis, statistical methods and organization of data.