The Red School House Preschool Program

Red School House

mission house students working

Students, at The Red School House, took place in a donation drive for Mission House during the month of September. Great job everyone!!!!


At The Red School House, we believe . . .

Children have a desire to learn. Teachers must develop the mental, physical, emotional and social attributes of each child based on sound growth and development principles. Every child is treated as an individual and respected for both their strengths and weaknesses. Children learn in many ways. By touch, sound, sight and taste, children experience and make sense of their environment. Young children must be given many experiences in order to build a firm basis for future learning. Children must learn to cooperate, work together and respect each other. They need time to explore, create, play, and allow their bodies to grow and develop.

Programs Offered at The Red School House :

We teach toddlers, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 year olds.

Weekly Tuition Rates based on day program chosen:

5 days
3 days, or
2 days a week

Full Day Program hours - 7:00am-5:45pm
School Day Program hours - 8:30am-2:30pm
Morning Program hours - 8:30am-11:30am

There is an application fee and a registration fee.
Rest mats are required for a fee and is due at enrollment for school day and full day students.

A 5 % discount is available for siblings.

Prices upon request.

Mrs. Kathy Porter is the Preschool Director at The Red School House and has been for the last ten years. Prior to that, she taught for over 25 years in Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Primary Reading. Kathy also taught the profoundly handicapped and worked as a curriculum director. Kathy has a BA from Stetson University in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She received her Director’s Credential in 2001. She has also worked as a lifeguard, camp counselor, and at Planet Pottery. She has also been an integral part of the community by helping with elderly care, Meals on Wheels, and the Back to School Beam Program.
Kathy is married and has two children. She grew up in Pittsburgh and Connecticut, but has lived in Jacksonville Beach for nearly 20 years. Kathy enjoys the gardening, the beach, bike riding, walking, nature, ice skating, crafts, watching football and loves butterflies….especially Monarch butterflies!
Ms. Kathy believes that early childhood education gives children many hands-on experiences to explore and learn from the world around them. She feels kids need kids and adults need kids too and that children are a blessing to this world.


New to the Red School House Garden Boxes



One important part of living a happy and healthy life is by eating healthy. If a child is taught to eat healthy and make good food choices from a young age he/she will be more likely to carry out healthy habits through out their life.

Here at the Red School House we have 10 garden beds as well as a garden area with a variety of fruits and vegetables that the children grow and maintain their selves. We are growing everything from strawberries to cabbage and brussels sprouts growing now, when they are ready to be harvested they will be used in the lunches that the school provides.